About Gill Services

Established in 1977, Gill Services Inc. was born out of the original Foster Cathead organization. Originally established as a distributor for the Foster Cathead product lines (catheads, kelly spinners, power tongs, bucking units, etc.), Gill Services evolved into a manufacturer of spare parts as the Foster name and products transitioned through a variety of owners during the 1980s.

Gill Services Inc. has been manufacturing and supplying replacement parts for Foster Rod & Tubing tongs, Kelly Spinners and Catheads since 1986. Gill Services Inc. pioneered the concept of replaceable inserts for jaws allowing operators to handle a variety of tubing sizes by using inserts only, instead of changing out the entire jaw set. This innovation has provided the industry with tremendous savings in their day-to-day work over programs.

As an OEM, Gill Services Inc. has developed and manufactures a range of power tongs and kelly spinners which are totally interchangeable with the equivalent item carrying the Foster Brand. For example, the Gill Model 500 Power Tong is totally interchangeable with the Foster Model 58-93R, the Gill 600 Tong is interchangeable with the Foster 54-93 Tong and the Gill Model I00 Kelly Spinner is totally interchangeable with the Foster Model 77. Although utilizing identical parts, Gill has been able to improve upon the performance of the Foster products through better alignment of the gears and a tightening of overall tolerances.

As a result of alliances formed with other OEM’s, Gill Services, Inc. is the exclusive worldwide distributor for the Torque-Tite Cathead product line manufactured by Texas Western Co. in Lubbock, Texas. The Torque-Tite product line is totally interchangeable with the Foster equivalent. Gill also stocks and supplies parts for BJ, Oil Country, and Peck-O-Matic power tongs.

Today, Gill Services, Inc. is recognized as an industry leader in the supply of equipment, parts and repair services for the drilling and well servicing industries with a worldwide distribution network.